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Rates/What To Bring/About The Hunt


     Arkansas Spring Snow Goose Hunts: $450 per day with lodging

          Most hunts run until late morning/midday and we move fields every day. Typically the mornings are the best time to be hunting feed fields and have success. Our guides spend the rest of the afternoon scouting and preparing for the next days hunt. We have a very nice lodge you will be staying at during your hunt. 




          South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunts: $275 per day

          Our South Dakota hunts take place in A Frame blinds over a large spread of 2000-3000 decoys. These are typically all day hunts where we hunt the morning and afternoon flights. We do not provide lodging in South Dakota, but have several motel/hotel options we will give to you that are close to our hunting locations. 

A deposit of 50% down is required to book a hunting party, we have a 2 hunter minimum to book a hunt and only book 3 day hunts. Hunting three days gives you the best possible opportunity to have a successful trip.

We recommend that you book a 3 day hunt due to weather being a huge factor in decoying snow geese. We do not control mother nature and some conditions are good and some are more unfavorable for hunting. Nomad Outfitters provides all land/leases/fields, all decoys and electronics, blinds, professional guides, and hunters equipment transported to and from the field. During the spring migration we will be hunting in key staging areas and migration corridors starting in the Arkansas Delta and then following the migration up into the grain and water rich farmlands of Nebraska and South Dakota. Each day of hunting can vary greatly with weather and migration patterns. Bring cold weather waterproof clothes and also light weight warm weather gear as the temperatures can fluctuate greatly during the spring. It may be 70 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next, so be prepared for any type of weather situation. 

Rain Gear is highly recommended as well as rubber boots or even waders to keep you dry if it is wet. We may be hunting in layout blinds, A frame blinds, or wearing whites in the decoys.

Please try to have all members of your party bring their own whites to wear in the field.

A white hat or beanie as well as a white face mask is very important to bring. Being totally concealed is a huge part of having success hunting snow geese. We will have white painter suits available but we highly recommend you bring your own whites as they will hold up longer. 

As far as how much ammo to bring, plan on bringing 2-3 boxes with you out into the field, but have extra back at the vehicles if needed. I recommend bringing BB size 3 inch steel shot. Before you come for your hunt make sure to remove the plug from your shotgun and put in an extended range choke that will shoot steel. The evening before your first days hunt we will determine a meeting location for the morning and go over a safety checklist before heading to the field. Bring any food, snacks, and beverages you might want for in the field. Please NO ALCOHOL. Clients caught with alcohol in the field will be asked to leave immediately and forfeit their payment for the hunt. Make sure to bring coolers, trash bags, and or Ziploc bags to take home your harvested birds. Our guides do clean the birds after each hunt, but help is expected to bag, count, clip wings etc. Your guide is a professional guide who is earning his living trying to provide you with a quality experience. A gratuity of 15-20% per day is greatly appreciated and part of his daily wage.  Be sure your entire hunting party purchases the correct conservation snow goose license for the state we will be hunting in at that time. We will give you more details about the licencing process in the weeks leading up to your hunt. During an average day of hunting we typically harvest 20-30 birds. Big shoots do happen when we go over 100 birds but so do bad days or even zero bird days. Every day in  the spread is different than the last, no wind days can be extremely tough but the next day could be the complete opposite and a great shoot. Some types of weather help decoy birds and other weather conditions do not, this is hunting! This is why we recommend booking at least two days of hunting, to give you the best opportunity to have a successful experience. All DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Clients canceling 30 days before their hunt date may apply deposit to future date. We will very rarely cancel a hunt due to inclement weather or another reason, but if we do it is for your best interest. We will re-schedule your hunt for a date later that season or the following year.

We look forward to hunting with you!




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