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My name is C​hase Gartner, 

I grew up hunting waterfowl in Nebraska and most of the Midwest. Shooting my first duck at the age of four, I have been a waterfowl hunting fanatic ever since. I started hunting snow geese the year I graduated high school in the Rain Water Basin of Nebraska.

Since then I have started following the spring migration from Arkansas to South Dakota every year. During the off season I train field trial and hunt test retrievers here in Nebraska. My guides, myself, and dogs are seasoned snow goose hunters that have up to date equipment, electronics, and knowledge to make your hunt a success. Making a hunt that is enjoyable, successful, and safe is what I strive to do for our clients. Whether 10 birds are harvested or 100 we want every hunt to feel like it is one you will never forget. From the end of January we follow the spring migration from Arkansas up to South Dakota until the middle of April. Experiencing a huge flock of deafening snow geese coming into a decoy spread is a rush unlike any other and we here at Nomad Outfitters will do our best to share that experience with you.

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